How Much Does It Cost To Raise A House?

Raising the house high can also be a compulsion for you or you want to set your house to a suitable height before bad times come.

There can be many reasons for elevating the house. These may be as follows

  • Mainly due to the high level of the road
  • Weakening of the foundation
  • To make the basement ready
  • The wall of the house is curved
  • Drain water enters the house

House Lifting Cost Affecting Factors

  • Labor Cost
  • Construction type
  • Accessibility
  • Elevation
  • Foundation Type
  • Foundation Repair

Labor Cost

Mainly skilled labor is required to elevate the house. For which we have to spend about 1000 to 1500 rupees per day for a worker. We have our permanent labor which is fully experienced in its work.

Construction Type

Cost mainly depends on the age of the house, its size and the number of floors it occupies, depending on all these things. If your house is very old and the material is very heavy in it, the thing to say is that if the layout of your house is very complex then it will require extra jacks to lift it up. So in this case, the cost of your house lifting increases slightly.


Another reason for the rise of the cost can also be if some big trees near your house are causing obstacles in raising the house or if your neighbor’s house is very close to your house.


The cost increases by about 20 to 30 percent if the height of the house is more than 3 feet. Because in doing so, the time to complete the project increases, due to which the labor cost also, increases.

Foundation Type

The cost of raising the houses whose foundation is mounted on the beam comes down considerably. This is because it is very easy to insert a jack in these types of houses, due to which the cost is less and the cost of raising your house is also reduced in this way.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is priced at around Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per square foot. In this, whatever damaged bricks are in the foundation of your house, they are removed and bricks of good quality are installed there.

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