House Lifting Services in Kolkata

HLI has a very experienced and trained engineer team. Our experience and functionality are excellent. In Kolkata, we have raised countless residential, commercial, and religious buildings up to 10 feet.
We have been selected to offer house lifting services in Kolkata since our inception in 2010. Our experienced team of professionals uses the latest technology and jacks to elevate the buildings to the desired height. The work we do is very direct and well-known. In addition, we carry out building raising services in Kolkata for the repair of foundations and repair purposes within the given time frame. We are experts in lifting and shifting. Apart from this, our services are known for their simple management, cost-effective nature, and promptness. We specialize in raising ground buildings in the G + 10 story.

Building Construction and something about Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, was formerly called Calcutta. But in the year 2000, it was renamed Kolkata. There are many historical and mythological buildings in Kolkata. The houses here have been constructed in a very good manner. India’s largest city in terms of population, it is counted among the four major metropolises of the country’s capital in the British era. Kolkata, rich in arts and culture, situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, is also called the cultural capital of India. At the time of laying the foundation of the East India Company here in 1690, it was a small village, but today it has become world-famous as a metropolis. Many attractive and grand tourist centers visit this area and keep tourists fascinated by calling it a day.
The historic Howrah Bridge connecting Kolkata with Howrah is now known as Ravindra Setu. Seeing the increasing burden of traffic on this, the government has now also made the Vidyasagar bridge over the Hooghly river. The Howrah Bridge or Ravindra Setu is made of 2,590 tonnes of steel measuring 150 feet in length and 71 feet in width.
The garden, once called Dalhousie Square, has now been named BBD Bagh after the three martyrs Vipin, Badal, and Dinesh. There is also a seductive pond attracting visitors in the middle of the BBD Bagh. Buildings like Ram Bhawan, Assembly, House, and High Court are located on the southern side of BBD.

key points:

  • Ensure negligible damage to the structure of the house
  • 100% security guaranteed
  • No extra cost
  • Work completion in the committed time frame
  • Provide utmost satisfaction to clients

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