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House Lifting Services in Chennai

As the name suggests, house lifting is a process of raising a house to protect it from sewage water using hydraulic jacks. Through this you can raise the height of your house as per your requirement.

Friends, you must have only heard about Jack taking up the house. But today we are telling you about one such true incident where a company from Haryana has raised a three-story building in Chennai by 5 feet. The company has its own labor who have raised the building about 6 feet above by placing jacks. The company has high skilled engineers and labor in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to lift or shift your house or building.

When we talked to the owner and team of the company, they told that they have been taking up that house for 5 days and now will take another 10 days. They used 30 workers and 600 jacks to lift this house here. According to their estimates, this entire process will take 15 to 20 days.

This work has been done here at the house of Rajiv Ji of Chennai city, then our company House Lifting India has done the above-mentioned work. If you have sewage or drain water entering your house, you can contact us. It does not cost much to raise a house. This is much cheaper than rebuilding your house. It takes about 10 to 15 days to elevate a normal house.

Chennai, which is one of the cities in India where there are frequent floods and storms. In such a situation, the government has to raise the level of the road repeatedly, due to which the people living there have to face the high road level. Due to which sewage or rainwater in their house troubles.

Flood affected areas in Chennai

Talking about Chennai, there are a lot of areas where the floods are the most affected, mainly if the names are taken from them like this: Tambaram, Kotturpuram, Mylapore, Mambalam, Ekaduthaangal, Medavakkam, Velacherry, Guduvancherry. These are flood-affected areas in Chennai, where the flood water often bothers every person living here.

During rainy times, water enters people’s houses and the public is very upset. This is the reason that we have completed many house lifting projects at this place in Chennai for a long time. Nearly all the settlers here are troubled by water during the colony or rainy times. In such a situation, if you prepare in advance, you can also raise the level of your house above the road level and you can avoid this crisis due to rain.

Building Lifting Services with Modern Technology

  • Firstly the house is evacuated and its floor is uprooted.
  • The jacks are fitted by removing the auto from the basement
  • The entire walls are taken over the channel and the whole house is taken on the jacks by putting the jacks around the house.
  • The engineers lead the entire team and he speaks the command, commanding all.
  • Counting starts through the court and all the workers on a code rotate the jack scores all around.
  • On one count, the jack around the house is raised 2 mm simultaneously.
  • The house rises 2 inches up to 24 points.
  • Our jacks service is fast and effective to raise the height of a building

Lifting house with jacks in Chennai cost

The cost of house lifting in Chennai is between Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 per sq. ft. It all depends on the foundation of the house and its construction.

Frequently Asked Questions about House Lifting Services in Chennai

The price of raising the house varies from company to company, mainly in the market today, the cost of house lifting is from ₹ 100 square feet to ₹ 300 square feet. It all depends on the construction of your house and its foundation
The cost of house lifting in Chennai is Rs. 200 square feet, based on this, we are going to tell you the entire cost of your house by calculating it. We assume that you have a 1000 square fit house and it is a single-story house. So the house lifting cost for your house in Chennai will be 200X1000= Rs. 200000

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