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Top 10 House Lifting Services in Kerala

Whenever we want to get a service or product, our first objective is that we buy it from a good company. Keeping this in mind, we did research on the Internet, which company is the best in house lifting services in Kerala. In our research, we have collected data for the last 6 months from Google. Our research is not only through Google, but we have also taken the opinion of the people on it. According to our research, The top 10 best companies of house lifting services in Kerala are as follows:

  1. KD Building Lifting
  2. MCMD Eng. Work Pvt. Ltd.
  3. TDBD Engineerings
  4. Optume Builders and Interiors Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Aashirwad House Lifting
  6. Krishna House Lifting
  7. House Lifting India
  8. Sai House Lifting
  9. Olympic Building Lifting
  10. Mahala & Company Pvt Ltd

1. KD Building Lifting

One of the Best House Lifting companies in Kerala. KDBL has done an amazing job in Kerala, so we have placed this company on the top of our list of House Lifting Services Provider Companies. As we researched on Google, we found that KDBL is at the top place on Google. The company has completed a lot of projects here, due to which the trust of the people is very high in KD building lifting. A few details about the company is given below:

Legal Name of the Company: KD Building Lifting

Contact Person: Balwan Sing Sisodia

Year of Establishment: 2004

Nature of Business: House Lifting and Construction

Working Mode: Offline

Payment Mode: Offline/Online

Number of Employees: Approx 100

Project Completion: More Than 500

House Lifting Cost: Rs. 250/per square Free

Address: K. Pushkaran, Indus House, 34/266 Kollammuri Road, Toll Gate Road, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682024

Website: www.kdbuildinglifting.com

Hour of Operations: Available 24 Hours

2. MCMD Engineering Work Pvt. Ltd.

MCMD Engg Works Pvt Ltd in Yamunanagar but also deals in Kerala also. MCMD is one of the leading contractors in House Lifting Services. The company is also known for its remarkable works in the following services as well: Building Maintenance Contractors, House Lifting Services, Building Shifting Services, Building Lifting Services, and much more. For more information like Contact Number, Address, Reviews & Ratings, Maps of MCMD Engg Works Pvt Ltd, Photos.

Legal Name of the Company: MCMD Engg Works Pvt Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Rajesh Chauhan

Year of Establishment: 1991

Nature of Business: Building Lifting Services

Working Mode: Offline

Payment Mode: Offline/Online

Number of Employees: Approx 200

Project Completion: More Than 1500

Awards: The Limca Book of Records

House Lifting Cost: Rs. 200/ – Rs. 250/per square Free

Address: Kerala – India

Website: www.mcmdbuildinglifting.com

Hour of Operations: Monday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

3. TDBD Engineering Works Pvt Ltd

TDBD deals in the LIFTING & SHIFTING of homes and commercial complexes.

The company has effective technology and enough manpower and accessories to shift and lift the buildings.

TDBD provides an economic solution to the problems of uncontrolled sewage water, floodwater, high road level, and many more.

Today peoples are facing a number of problems like entering sewage water during rainy seasons due to the lowering down of the levels of houses. I comparison of adjacent roads. Rainy water directly enters the house and shop in a huge amount and destroys the lives and creates a great problem.

Reconstruction involves a great cost of money, time, and materials. This is not possible for everyone to manage all these things. Moreover, everybody has an emotional attachment to their houses and buildings. TDBD gives a complete solution for all such problems like house lifting, building raising, house shifting, and building lifting cost, in a time-bound manner. These are the words from the owner of the company TDBD Engineering Works Private Limited.

Legal Name of the Company: TDBD Engineering Works Pvt Ltd

Contact Person: Sushil Kumar & Pardeep Kumar

Year of Establishment: 2009

Corporate Identification Number is (CIN): U74900HR2009PTC039655

Nature of Business: House Lifting and Construction

Working Mode: Offline

Payment Mode: Offline/Online

Number of Employees: Approx 150

Project Completion: More Than 500

House Lifting Cost: Rs. 200/per square Free

Address: Kerala

Website: www.tdbd.in

Hour of Operations: Available 24 Hours

House Lifting Services in Rajasthan

Remarkable Building Raising Services by HLI

Are you looking for a reliable company that deals in providing the best home/building lifting services across India? You are in the right place. Our team has very skilled members who provide you the best services in Rajasthan. HLI uses modern technology and equipment to lift your home at the best reasonable price.

If you find our house lifting service in Rajasthan, then you will definitely choose us for your work. This becomes very important when your house is below street level and you face sewage burns. By adopting this new technology, eliminate your problem and raise your house and building to the desired height. We offer house lifting services not only in Rajasthan but across India.

Have you ever thought that our building lifting service can raise the level of your building without any damage? Okay, let’s stop thinking and execute it by getting services from us. Troubled by a variety of problems, many years ago, people decided to leave their homes and build their own homes elsewhere. But now, due to home raising and lifting services, there is not much need for shifting. You can raise the level of your house to get much higher than the street level without causing breakage and damage to your house.

House and Building Lifting Services in Rajasthan by HLI

As we are well aware that every time roads are repaired in big cities, they put a thick cemented layer on it and elevate the level of the road. But due to this, the level of our house goes down, and bad water starts flowing in the house. Therefore, to get rid of such problems, our company provides you with the best house lifting services that elevate the level of your house above the road. We have an extremely talented team who do their utmost to provide timely solutions at the best rate, for your house lifting services. Our major concern is to give you a sheltered, keen, and quick approach to lifting and moving your homes and buildings.

House Lifting Services in Bangalore

Households suffering from drainage, rainwater logging, and sewage problems/water bodies are not affected by the waterlogging. House lifting is essential for buildings. HLI ( House Lifting India ) offers services that are highly in demand and guarantee safe and disadvantage-free lifting. Our workers perform activities according to the strategy, procedures, and arrangements laid down by the experts. We adopt safe, safe, and efficient methods with the goal to prevent any damage to buildings during lifting work. At the same time, we train workers and architects to complete lifting jobs safely and smoothly. Our house lifting services in Bangalore provide better drainage of downpours and channel water, which prevents signals from weakening the dividers and foundations of buildings. Our home/home is a very good place to do Building lifting services are provided to increase the height of buildings and develop a solid foundation below them.