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House Lifting Services in Delhi – हाउस लिफ्टिंग सर्विसेज दिल्ली

Nowadays technology is on its boom, every day we see a number of inventions in science and technology. But here what we are discussing is not new. Today we are going to tell you something about house lifting technology in Delhi. Although it is not a new invention the working process and the latest types of equipment change the lifestyle of house lifters. lifting house with jacks in Delhi cost is always budget-friendly because there is a huge difference in between reconstruction of a house and building raising cost. We have already done remarkable work in this field and we are daily getting calls from google for home elevation consultation. If you have also a question in your mind that who is the best house lifting services company near me then you are at the right place for building lifters.

Something About New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India as we all know and has a population density of 9,294 sq km in an area of ​​1,483 sq km. The major industries of Delhi with Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Urdu languages ​​are electrical goods, medicines, cotton-woolen garments, leather goods, cottage, and chemicals. The two major airports here are Palam and Indira Gandhi International Airport.
The climate of Delhi is generally 45 ° C to 35 ° C in summer and 20 ° C to 4 ° C in winter and monsoon is predominant from June to September.
Delhi, situated in the middle of India on the banks of the river Yamuna, is considered the heart of the country. The high buildings here are the main center of attraction. The embassy and high commission office of all the nations, Delhi has been witnessing many ups and downs in its enclosure. The Chauhans also ruled Delhi established by the Tomar Vanshi Rajput king in the 211th century. In 1911, Mohammed Ghori suffered a severe defeat from Prithviraj Chauhan by invading Delhi. But in 1912, Prithviraj was taken captive and killed and after that Mughal rule started over Delhi, which lasted for 600 years. In 1857, the British established their rule by defeating the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. In 1912 Delhi was removed from Calcutta (changed name Kolkata) and given the status of capital. On November 1, 1956, for the development of Delhi, which became a Union Territory, in 1966, Parliament passed the Delhi Administration Act, 1966, and set up a Metropolitan Council here. The Constitution was amended in December 1991 and declared as the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

House Lifting Services in Kerala

Building Raising Services kerala

As you all know that whenever you put House Lifting Services in Kerala on Google, you will find our website at the top there. For that, we have not only promoted our website but our customers have liked our services very much. For the last several years, we are doing a very good job in Kerala, and right now many of our projects are going on here.

The state of Kerala, situated on the southwestern coast of India, is a very leading state of India. The bordering states of Kerala are Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, and Karnataka. In terms of area, Palakkad is the largest, and Alappuzha is the smallest district.

Work Satisfaction and our Commitment

Some time ago we raised the house of Ravi Shankar, a businessman from Kerala. Those who were upset due to rainwater entering the house due to the high road level for a long time. When he met us, he shared whatever his problem is with us. At first, you intended to rebuild your home again, but later our mind changed completely after coming in contact with us. Because in the budget that we told him, he could easily find his house again at the same height. We raised his house 3 feet high in about 1 month. Our service proved to be very budget-friendly for them and you can read the comments about us anywhere on Google. He appeared so happy with our service that he also published an article in the newspaper.

Geographical and Climate situation of Kerala

If we mention the geographical location of Kerala, it seems very close to the sea, due to which there is a very high risk of rain and storm. Kerala is a flood-affected state of India. Often due to excessive rains in Kerala, there is a high probability of storm due to flood situations or strong winds here. Due to floods, the government has to repeatedly raise the road level at a regular time. Due to this a common man’s house remains far below the road level and he either has to rebuild it or he has to raise its height by contacting a company like ours. It costs a lot to rebuild a house, which not everyone can afford.

So if you are also in a flood-affected area or if sewage water is entering your house then you can also take service of our home raising. Our service is very reliable and we will give it to you at a very low cost. You do not need to waste much money, so send them when you meet us and help us to raise your house height.

What is Building Lifting Technology?

This is a type of technique in which the height of your building is increased through hydraulic jacks. Some blocks are removed from the top part of the foundation of your house and jacks are fitted there. And the wall is taken on a channel. Jacks are rotated alternately to lift the walls together. This process takes about 30 to 40 days. There is no crack of any kind in the work done in this way. Is absolutely safe. You can get the house raising done by our company without any worries. We have already raised many commercial, residential, and many religious buildings in Kerala.